Animal Communication

Ever wanted to know what your animal companion was thinking, feeling or trying to tell you?

For full details on Animal Communication, please visit our sister site: Pet Whisperer which has been specially created for - and dedicated to - animals!  There you can also receive your FREE module in Pet Whispering and start communicating with animals right away!

Animals experience the same range of emotions that we do. And, like us, their mood and behaviour changes when they feel out of balance. However, they are completely reliant upon on us to work out what is wrong or what they need. If you would like to know how your pet is feeling, are experiencing difficulties with them or just want to know whether they're happy then I can help.

Sessions help your pet by creating space for them to be heard and understood. Feedback helps the owner too - not only creating a better and deeper understanding between you but allowing any issues to be resolved sensitively. 

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is the process of telepathic or intuitive communication. Sound impossible? Or even that Martians have landed - a real 'alien' concept!?

It's actually quite simple really. We all unconsciously communicate all the time, linking up on an energetic level each time we talk to someone or think about them. It merely means working with your heart and your instinct. Like when we get a feeling that something isn't right even though we're being told that everything is okay. Or, when you've been thinking about someone for a few days and then they ring, or you bump into them unexpectedly. At an unconscious level, our unspoken thoughts are reaching out into the great universe and being picked up by the other.

Therefore, animal communication requires absolutely no more than clearing your mind of your usual clutter (ie shopping, children, work etc) and allowing space for energy and love to flow.

Telepathic Animal Communication is an ability that we are all born with. However, we are socialized out of it when we are children and become less dependant on our instincts as we learn to depend on other methods of communication and external sources of validation. How many times have you heard of a child talking to animals or did you yourself have an imaginary animal friend? I did. He was a dog called Whiskey and my ever so patient mum had to call on him every evening before bed until he was run over by a bus!  After that, I had no connection with animals in my life at all - and was terrified by the sight of a dog 100 yards down the street on the opposite side of the road!

Just because we have lost our innate ability to communicate with animals does not mean that we cannot get it back. It is a skill that can be re-learned with patience and practice. 

Who Can Communicate With Animals?

This is not a special gift for the selected few, I believe that anyone can do it if they are able to relax and shift out of their head and their logical thinking and tune into their heart and their intuitive thinking.

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

In order to be able to communicate with animals you must first be able to open your heart to love. My training in Bi-Aura Therapy taught me that. I had been closed off to animals for years but once my energy blockages began to clear, my heart began to open, and a new awareness, appreciation and love of animals began to emerge. If you already have this loving bond and connection with animals you will find it so much easier to communicate with them.  You probably already are communicating with them - and just don't realise it!  Every time you look deep into your beloved animal's eyes and feel that deep love or a "shift" in your heart, you ARE communicating with them - AND THEY FEEL IT!

How do you actually communicate with animals?

By consciously making a decision to reduce the stress in your life and increase your relaxation you will more quickly be able to get into the deep state of relaxation that it requires to communicate with animals. Once in this state, you will be able to tune into the great universal energy that all living things are made from and communicate with animals.

How do I receive information?

I tune into an animal - either in their presence or by using a photograph if distance is an issue (this allows me to work with animals all over the world).  Then, by using the "Soul 2 Soul Connection" technique I connect with the animal and start the process of exchanging information.

My strongest connection is Clairsentience which means "clear feeling".  During an Animal Communication Consultation, I will receive the majority of the messages via feelings, emotions and sensations.  However, I am also skilled in Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear seeing) and Claircognizance (clear knowing) which allows me to hear words, see images and pictures and have a clear, strong, intense sense of "just knowing" when information is accurate. Using a combination of these psychic abilities and intuitive skills I am honoured to communicate with both living and passed on souls who are now in spirit.


If, during the course of the communication, your pet asks for healing, or I feel healing would be beneficial, I provide this free of charge. However, I always ask permission of the animal before commencing any healing work.

Should your pet request, or you think would benefit from, a full course of healing treatment, this can be arranged separately.

Feeding back to you

I usually tune in to your pet a couple of times over the course of a few days. Feedback will be given after the first communication with regard to my Initial Impressions of the Photograph - this will tell you what I am picking up about your pet's personality and any key areas that have come up. At this stage, we can refine the questions/areas you wish me to explore during the second session.  Ideally, the second session is carried out via a telephone consultation so you too can be a part of your pet's communication consultation.  If distance/timezones are problematic to arranging a telephone call, then this can be done via email.   

Why Use Animal Communication?

Animal Communication can be used to resolve a whole variety of issues - behavioural, physical or emotional.

Animal Communication has successfully and sympathetically resolved issues of:-

fear aggression
physical pain (your pet usually knows what it needs!)
fear and anxiety
depression/low mood
identifying your pet's needs ie stimulating activities, location of bed etc
owners concerns and worries that their pets feel loved and happy