Testimonials - Animal Communication


Sarah-Jane has had the amazing honour - and joy - of working with a wide variety of animals - ranging from fearful furries and love sick dogs to depressed camels and show off dolphins!  She is always in awe of our wonderful animals and treats each and every one of them with the respect, compassion and love that they deserve.

Every animal's story is both special and important.  Unfortunately there are too many stories to tell here on this page, so please enjoy a selection that have been carefully chosen to demonstrate the breadth of emotion, capacity and connection that our animals have.

Barney is a wise old dog who's owner wanted to know if he was happy and if there was anything she could do to improve his life.

As a bit of a sceptic I was unsure if it was possible for anyone to 'talk' to my dog, however I was amazed by the information Sarah was able to give me. My dog was asked a series of questions to which only I knew the answer, and Sarah-Jane was able to tell me the answers with surprising accuracy. The accuracy and detail of the reading has assured me communication did take place and I feel it has benefitted the relationship between my dog and I greatly.

The information I received on my dog related not only to his emotional wellbeing, but also his physical condition. Sarah correctly diagnosed his hip dysplasia and was able to pass on information regarding the effectiveness of his medication. My dog was able to communicate what he actually needed in order to control his condition which has resulted in his pain being reduced dramatically and the stiffness in his back legs no longer noticable.

The relationship between my dog and I is now much stronger and closer and I
would recommend Sarah-Jane to anyone to perform a reading.
Claire, Dog Behaviourist, Stirling 

I was asked to do a reading for Mitzi with the intention of asking her not to catch birds as well as checking out how she was feeling. As I never use communication as a tool to control or request change I focussed on how she was feeling.


Through Sarah-Jane's help our much loved 20 year old cat called Mitzi was able to let us know what she wanted and needed to make her life more comfortable. She definitely did not want to take the medicine the vet had prescribed. She had not seemed in pain but was getting weaker and we had not known what we should do. Mitzi said that she wanted her life to end naturally without intervention and this helped us as we had not known whether to call the vet out.

Sue, Ambleside, Lake District

Fox's guardian wanted to ask if Fox was happy and if there was anything she could do to make Fox's life better.

I couldn't believe how accurately Sarah-Jane described my horse - she was spot on that she was a grumpy mare and incredibly tempermental.  Amazing!  She also knew that Fox wasn't that happy with things at the current time (as I too had suspected) and that she was incredibly frustrated with several different things.  Some of these things I knew I could fix and others were outwith my control.  At the second session, Sarah-Jane was able to comfort Fox and advise her that I was doing all that I could and that things would get better.  Sarah-Jane was also able to tell me that Fox was grieving.  Greiving the loss of a "foal-hood" that she never had.  Sarah-Jane felt that Fox had been overworked in her early years by a previous owner (which I was able to confirm) and she now wanted - and needed - a more leisurely life with me - which she felt she was getting. 


Sarah-Jane recommended a course of therapy work to support fox in dealing with her past issues of grief and loss - and I now have a completely different horse!  It really is quite amazing.  I would always have described her as a "Time Bomb waiting to go off" and yet here we are now able to hack out without her usual nonsense and her eyes are so soft.  It's beautiful.  Thank you ever so much.

Sarah, Horse Guardian, Near Coupar Angus, Perthshire

The owner of the Fauna Park, Western Australia invited me into the Puppy Dingo enclosure for me to communicate with the gorgeous 2 pups as he was a little concerned about one of them.

Although admittedly it wouldn't have taken an Animal Communicator to identify which one was the more boisterous of the two pups, Sarah-Jane was absolutely spot on at being able to identify that the shyness of the second pup was much more of a problem.  She was less shy and much more ferral (an inherent wild, survival instinct making her fearful of humans).  I had been concerned about this and it was comforting to know that my gut instincts had been validated.  On a more humerous note Sarah-Jane was able to tell me that the pups needed more stimulation - and if they didn't get it they would create it themselves.  She was quick to point out that the boisterous pup always instigatged the mischief but the shy pup wasn't so shy at quickly joining in!  I laughed as I invited Sarah-Jane around the back of the enclosure to see the incredibly costly water pipes that had to be renewed and relaid after the pups latest adventure!

I was so impressed with Sarah-Jane's accuracy and intrigued in this ability to communicate with animals that I invited her to talk to my one of my wallabys (who she said was a grumpy character who liked to be in charge - spot on!), a Gauld Monitor Lizard I was incredibly concerned about (she told me he was sick and had a sore tummy - he hadn't eaten in days!) and finally Ruby and Duncan my wonderful Dingos.  Ruby is ferral and doesn't come near people so I was absolutely astounded when she came nearer to Sarah-Jane than she ever has anyone.  Duncan covered her in kisses and told her that Ruby was a fantastic mother (which she is) and that she had had 3 litters - all amazingly spot on!  What a day it was!  Thank you.

Fauna Park, Western Australia