Calendar for Forthcoming Workshops, Courses and Events

Soul 2 Soul Therapy has always been committed to improving health and wellbeing and as part of that ethos, has a strong committment to teaching.  Teachings vary to accommodate the different needs of our client groups and consist of a range of two day workshops, short personal development courses as well as an 8 month certificated Bio-Energy Diploma. 

Because of the experience and knowledge within Soul 2 Soul Therapy it is possible to tailor our expertise to you or your organisation's individual requirements.  We can organise a pool of different therapies as well as undertake large scale corporate, public hosting or training events.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Workshop and Event Information

Soul Retreat

Ever felt out of balance, direction-less and purpose-less?  Change all that with this incredibly powerful workshop! 

Find Inner Peace and Harmony by discovering your Soul's True Purpose during 2 days of beautifully deep - and fun! - Soul Healing.

  • Abernethy, Perthshire - 3/4 September 2016
  • West Sussex - 17/18 September 2016
  • Lincoln - Spring 2017

For full details of workshop and booking information click here:

Power Retreat 

Feeling Powerless?  Are people walking over you or are you finding yourself giving in for an easy life?  Do you ever feel like everyone else's needs are being met at the expense of yours? Or do you no longer recognise your needs any more?  Is a struggle to find your voice or express who or what you are?

These feelings all arise because we have lost our inner power - that innate sense of self and who we are.  We can lose our power in lots of different ways.  We can lose it as children to dominant parents or as adults to bossy colleagues or overbearing partners. We can give our power away when we don't have the energy to stand in our truth. As parents we can give our power to our children when, exhaused at the end of the day, we cave into their demands. We can lose our power to situations that seem out of our control.  And sometimes, our power can be stolen from us by other people. Yes, stolen! Do you recognise that feeling of powerlessness or belittlement when someone continually knocks you down or speaks negatively to you?  That person is taking your power!

Come along to a fun filled Power Retreat to reclaim your lost or stolen power so you can step more confidently into your innate Power, Potential and Possibilities.

Leave this workshop feeling confident, powerful and ready for taking on life with purpose, direction and lightness!


  • Abernethy, Perthshire - late Autumn date to be confirmed
  • West Sussex - Spring 2017
  • Lincoln - Early Summer 2017


Email the office for booking or more information

Healing Techniques: Level One

Healing Techniques:  Level One  One Day workshop

Autumn 2016

  • Venue to be confirmed, Glenrothes, Fife
  • Exchange: £70
  • Returning Students: £50

Easy to learn Basic Healing Techniques that can be used safely on self, friends, family.

For full information and booking details, please click here (you will be taken to our sister site: Pet Whisperer)
Can be used as preparation for Bi-Aura Therapy Diploma Course

Energy Healing: Level Two

Healing Techniques:  Level Two  One Day workshop

Autumn 2016

  • Venue to be confirmed, Glenrothes, Fife
  • Exchange: £70
  • Returning Students: £50

Using Level One as the starting point, this workshop focuses on adapting and applying the previously learned healing techniques to animals.

Suitable for qualified Bi-Aura Practitioners or those who have undertaken Level One training.


For full details and booking, please click here (you will be taken to our sister site: Pet Whisperer)




Animal Communication Workshops

Basic and Advanced Animal Communication Workshops 


New Dates for 2016/17 here!


For Full Details on all things animal related, please see our sister site: Pet Whisperer

Chakra Balancing Course

This 8 week course covers each of the chakras in depth, exploring their functions, the body parts they support, what "de-rails" them and how to bring back balance. During this course learn how to:-

  • Identify your own body's imbalances - and correct them
  • Understand the root cause of your body's dis-ease
  • Alleviate some of your persistent health problems
  • Remain calm about your pressures and challenges
  • Reduce/overcome the impact of traumatic life experiences
  • Develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness




Due to popular demand, the above Chakra Balancing Course is now being designed as an on-line Home Study Course.  Do you want to:-

  • improve your health and wellbeing
  • understand how to support yourself energetically
  • bring more balance to your life 
  • to study in the comfort of your own home 
  • work at a pace that is right for you and your current time commitments

If you answered "yes!" to any of the above, then this course is right for you!  The course is due to lauch in March/April 2013.  Please email to register your interest as there will be a Pre-Launch offer only for those registered.

Register your interest here.

Professional Qualification in Bi-Aura Therapy

Sarah-Jane is currently taking a back step from teaching the Diploma Course so she can concentrate on her Retreats and Advanced Animal Communication teachings.  Please see the Bi-Aura Foundation for full details of all Bio-Energy Training across the UK

Ever wondered what your beloved animal companion was thinking, feeling or trying to tell you?  Learn the secrets of how to communicate with our beloved animals on these amazing one day workshops.  You will learn all you need to know on the day to start communicating with animals -  and have lots of opportunities to practice with live animals on the day too!

Workshops held throughout the UK.  For more information or to note your interest click here

  • Become a professional practitioner
  • An inspirational and life changing course
  • Change direction and train in something new
  • Learn how to sense and direct powerful energies
  • Heal yourself and learn how to heal others
  • A fascinating journey in self discovery and working with energy



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