How Can Bi-Aura Complementary Therapy Help You?

Bi-Aura Complementary Therapy is a contemporary adaptation of an ancient approach to healing that helps the body (people and animals) to utilise it's own extraordinary powers of regeneration.

It is because the body is made of energy that it is possible for the body to be successfully treated using energy techniques.

All illness and chronic pain is held in the energy matrix of the aura (the immediate space around the physical body) in the form of blockages or disturbances.

These may have arisen suddenly as a result of physical, mental or emotional trauma or over a period of time through established mental patterns of stress, anxiety or fear. These blockages become locked in the auric field and obstruct the healing flow of energy.

Similarly, negative thought patterns also exist within the aura - they block the flow of energy because the person is trapped in unhealthy patterns of thought and behaviour. Clearing the blockages allows the person to let go of unhealthy patterns, therefore letting go of negative and limiting thoughts.

The body's natural instinct is to heal itself and the healing energy is always present. So, if we can remove the blockages that are preventing us from receiving this energy, then our health (mental, physical and emotional) will definitely improve.

The image above has been captured using specialist photography that shows the body's energy field.  The image highlights the difference between this person's energy field before and after Bi-Aura Therapy intervention.  You can clearly see a blockage in the energy field (the yellow directly under the hand) which has all but disappeared after the use of Bi-Aura Healing Techniques.

A qualified Bi-Aura Complementary Therapist is trained to scan the energy field that surrounds you and to detect blockages or imbalances that may be affecting your health and well-being.

Using techniques specially developed over many years, a Therapist works on the main energy centres, or chakras, to clear any blockages and to stimulate the proper flow of energy essential to your health and vitality. 

The results can be remarkable, from the welcome sense of peace and well-being, that is the hallmark of natural good health, to the profound relief of chronic pain.

Bi-Aura energy therapy is safe and suitable for people of all ages, and its' success in helping to alleviate even the most stubborn and debilitating conditions has been well documented on television and in many national newspapers.  Because of it's gentle and non-invasive nature, it is ideally suited to the very young, the elderly and animals - who are particularly responsive.

Don't live anywhere near us?  Don't worry!  Because Bi-Aura Therapy is an energy therapy and we live in a world made of energy, it is possible for the same high quality treatments to be received by clients all over the world - simply by tapping into the right energy frequency - which therapists are trained to do.  Both animals and people have been healed of ailments without ever having stepped into our treatment rooms.  Don't be limited by distance - you don't have to be.

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Conditions that respond well to Bi-Aura Complementary Therapy

This list is not exhaustive and applies equally to animals as well as people

Back Pain
Bone/joint disorders
Breathing Disorders
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Problems
Emotional Problems
Headaches and Migraines
Hormone Imbalances
Menstrual Pain
Muscualr Aches and Pains
Nervous Disorders
Skin Disorders
Stress Related Conditions