What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient energetic tool, working with subtle energies, that can be, and is, used for a variety of different purposes in many different fields (including government intelligence!).  However, as a health practitioner, I only use dowsing in the field of health.  
If you watched old cowboy movies you may have seen (or heard about) cowboys dowsing for water using metal rods to locate water sources deep beneath the desert.  This worked because the metal rods are sensitive to earth energies and would move or swing when they detected subtle energy changes - and as water disrupts the earth’s natural energy pattern, the rods would swing, allowing them to locate vital water sources deep beneath the earth.

However, whilst we no longer need to dowse to locate water,  the principle of dowsing remains the same - connecting with energy to identify imbalaces.  Because the rods swing in either a "positive" or "negative" direction, we are able to use our ancestors knowledge of suble energies to work very specifically in a whole range of different areas with great accuracy.  

In my practice, I use dowsing primarily for:-

· Ascertaining the optimum treatment packages for my clients:-
· identifying the number of treatments required for optimum health improvement
· identifying the most appropriate delivery of treatments ie daily, weekly, etc
· identifying the date that your body will be at it’s most receptive for the healing work to commence (please note, this is not always when YOU would want it to start and occasionally clients have to be advised to wait for a period before starting work.  Likewise, it is not always when I would want it to start either - ie on my day off!  But I ALWAYS endeavour to commence healing work on the date specified by the dowsing—even if it is my day off!).
· Identifing whether Geopathic Stress is present in the home ("sick building syndrome").
· Geopathic Stress (disruption to the earth’s natural energy pattern / grid) greatly affects the balance and natural flow of the earth’s energy at the point of disruption.  The disruptions are often caused by water, minerals and metals, deep beneath the earth’s surface.  These disruptions to the earth’s natural energy pattern and flow can cause detrimental health effects to the occupants of a building or home built upon the disrupted area, often resulting in tiredness, generalised aches and pains, reduced effectiveness of any external remedies (including medication and complementary therapy) and ALWAYS poor nutrient absorption -and naturally the knock on effects that has on one’s health and vitality.
· If clients don’t improve at the rate I would expect or where improved energy levels are not sustained, then dowsing for Geopathic Stress is essential as regardless of what you are doing (and paying for!) to improve the situation the root cause is not being eliminated.
· Getting to the causative (root cause) factors behind an ailment/condition
· Identifying intolerances that may be affecting your health -including food, chemicals, materials, environmentals
· Identifying solutions that are most appropriate for you, your body, your enery & your home

Tailor-Made Dowsing - Just for YOU! - Because your health matters

Because of the very specific nature of dowsing, you can easily have a tailor-made dowsing session surrounding whatever health concerns/questions you might have.  To arrange this, please contact us to discuss your needs.  Thereafter, a telephone appointment will be set up for the work to be done so you are an integral part of it and can guide and re-direct the questions as we go.  If the time zone difference is too great for this, then the work can easily be done via email.

Standard Dowsing Packages


Geopathic Stress:  £60

A FREE indicator test is available to identify whether geopathic disturbance is present at your home/office
Intolerance Testing:  £60

Health Solutions:  £35

FREE OF CHARGE when accompanied with any of the aforementioned Packages


This package includes:-
Identifying disturbances to your home/office environement are affecting your health

Permanently clearing/neutralising the disturbances
Recording the current state of health of you and ALL occupants of the house (incl animals)

Fortnightly monitoring and recording of everyone's health for 3 months after the clearing
A 6 month check up on everyone's health status as well as the house/office

Health recordings sent to you at each fortnightly health check

Packages avilable:-

Food Intolerances:-

Identifying which foods your body is having difficulty tolerating using a vast range of 114 foods
Chemical and Environmental Intolerances:
Identifying which common chemicals, preservatives and environmentals your body is having difficulty dealing with
Health Solutions are included FREE OF CHARGE within either the Geopathic Stress, Food Intolerance or Chemical and Environmental Intolerances Packages.

Package Includes:-

Identifying most appropriate support package for you or your animal companion
Identifying the therapeutic treatment/s that your body is most responsive to for optimum healing
Identifying the key number of treatments your body needs and at what time intervals ie daily (intensive), weekly or fortnightly